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10 Blog Post Ideas for Financial Planners, Insurance Agents and Bankers

Many financial services professionals have a static website, meaning the pages have been created but it's not regularly updated with new material. Often, exclusive agents will use their company or brokerage provided website. However, if you have the ability to produce content for your website, you have the opportunity to organically drive local search results to your business. Below are 10 blog post ideas for Financial Planners, Insurance Agents and Bankers.

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Why should Financial Planners, Insurance Agents and Bankers write blog posts?

Blogging is one of the foundational marketing strategies of inbound marketing and one of the best ways for businesses to be found organically online (meaning you are not paying to show up in search results). In conjunction with using proper keywords and your Google Business Profile (read how to Set Up Your Google Profile here, how to Manage your Google Profile here and How to Optimize Your Images for Web Use here), writing blog posts can drive traffic to your website, which will then allow you to convert the prospect to a lead and down the line, into a customer.

Posting to your website blog is also a great way to express yourself, share your knowledge and experience, connect with prospects and that content is available to share on social media.

Where do you start?

Start with posting articles that provide answers or solutions to your prospect's most asked questions or problems. Here are are 10 blog post ideas for Financial Planners, Insurance Agents and Bankers to get you started:

1. Retirement Planning: What You Should Know

Whether you're 30 years, 10 years or 2 years from retirement, your financial plan will look different at varying stages. Outline specific considerations at the different phases, as well as specific strategies you recommend.

2. Establishing Financial | Insurance Goals: Strategies and Tips

Everyone wants to be in the best financial situation possible: earnt he most on investments, minimize the risk and save money where possible. Offer strategies and tips that you can provide to help your clients reach their goals.

3. Financial | Insurance Planning Basics

With an individual who has recently entered the job market in mind, outline basic terms and strategies that everyone should know. Showcase your knowledge, share your experience and give your recommendations.

4. Understanding [Investment] | [Insurance Product] Strategies

There are many financial and insurance service products on the market that aim to meet your client's goals. Outline those products and various strategies you can use to meet those goals.

5. The Benefits of a Diversified Portfolio

6. How to Manage your [Debt] | [Risk]

This is another opportunity for you to share your experience to assist your clients with proven methods of reducing debt or managing catastrophic risks. You may offer specific products with additional features not available elsewhere on the market.

7. Tips for Saving Money

Whether you offer a downloadable budget PDF, an app to track expenses, automatic payment discounts, or tips on how to reduce your premium costs, provide meaningful and specific ways your clients can save money. If you have products with unique saving features built in, share that information here.

8. Why I Became a Financial Planner | Insurance Agent | Banker

Explain what inspired you to start working in financial services and what you do differently in your industry. Do you specialize in a certain type of financial services or client type? If so, what motivated you to do that?

9. Tax Implications of Financial Decisions

Help your clients understand tax implications of certain products and transactions as well as how other products, such as life insurance and annuities, can help them cover some of those expenses.

10. Best Thing To Do In a Recession

Recessions are part of the economic cycle and your clients want to know that you have a plan during this turbulent time. Based on your experience, what do you recommend clients do, or things to avoid. Insurance agents will see changes in the form of higher rates or clients wanting to drop coverage - address these issues and offer empathy for their situation.

Remember, having a consistent and relevant content plan can help prospects looking for your services find you on search engines. Blogging provides valuable resources for your clients and prospects, and it showcases you as knowledgeable and experienced.

You can also look for opportunities to collaborate with others in your industry such as CPAs, mortgage brokers, attorneys, other professionals in your field, etc. to provide additional content and to expand your audience reach.

Need help creating blogs for your website? Want to strategize ideas? Contact Core Marketing Now for a small business marketing strategy session or for freelance marketing to create blogs for your site!

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