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10 Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers

Updated: Mar 1

If you are an Interior Designer with a static website that you are not regularly updating with new material (i.e. blog posts), you could be missing out on opportunities to organically drive local search results to your business. It doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, below are 10 blog post ideas for Interior Designers and some tips to get you started.

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Why should Interior Designers write blog posts?

Blogging is one of the foundational marketing strategies of inbound marketing and one of the best ways for businesses to be found organically online (meaning you are not paying to show up in search results). In conjunction with using proper keywords and your Google Business Profile (read how to Set Up Your Google Profile here and how to Manage your Google Profile here), writing blog posts can drive traffic to your website, which will then allow you to convert the prospect to a lead and down the line, into a customer.

Posting to your website blog is also a great way to express yourself, show examples of your work, share your knowledge and experience, connect with prospects and you can use that content available to generate interest on social media.

Where do you start?

Start with posting articles that provide answers or solutions to your prospect's most asked questions or problems. Here are are 10 blog post ideas for Interior Designers to get you started:

1. Interior Design Trends 2023

This type of post can be created annually as well as seasonally. You can even break this down into multiple blog posts on trends by category, such as pillows, wall colors, draperies, etc. Let your clients know how they can incorporate these changes into their home.

2. How to Create a (Insert Style Here, i.e. Modern) Design on a Budget

Everyone has a budget, some are just larger than others. Show off your style of work so potential clients can read your thought process and see the results. This idea can also lead to multiple blog posts on a variety of different design styles.

3. How to Choose Colors and Textures for a Room

This statement would likely render most humans a "deer in the headlights". We can pick a color but ask us to coordinate textures too? Again, you are able to showcase your talent and expertise to help show people how to select the colors and materials that will work best in their home with their style.

4. Featured Results (Before and After)

Showcase your work by offering before and after photos of work you have completed for your clients. Not only does this highlight your work, but it also gives people an idea of results they can expect. Talk about the highlights of the projects, how you do things differently than your competition and how the finished project solved a client's problem.

5. The Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

As a former photographer, I know all about the importance of lighting. It sets the mood and can significantly alter the look of an image. The same could be said for a room. Discuss how lighting can affect the feel of the room as well as how to balance the light.

6. Interior Design Fails

It happens to the best of us. Turn a story of a failed project (yours or another of an unnamed source) into a story of what happened, why and what was done to remedy the situation. This type of post can show the human side behind the business as well as how you operate in the face of adversity.

7. Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Discuss how our material selections can affect our environment (both inside the home and globally). How does your business support eco-friendly design?

8. How to Select the Right Interior Designer

Provide tips on how to vet designers (what questions clients should ask) and how to find the best value. Explain what you do differently than the competition and what types of design you specialize in.

9. How to Stage a Home for a Successful Sale

Discuss the pros and cons of home staging and if the homeowners decides to stage their home, what your recommendations would be. If you don't offer staging services, you could offer designing rooms in the home with new furniture that would be included in the sale of the home so the new homeowner gets a truly move-in ready home!

10. Why Hire an Interior Designer?

I mean, we all watch HGTV so we're practically a pro, right? As basic as it sounds, it bears noting what the role of the interior designer is. Designers make spaces functional, safe and beautiful. How does your role differ than the furniture store "designers" or the designers offered by the general contractor? What is the difference between an Interior Decorator and Designer. What do you do differently than your competition?

Remember, having a consistent and relevant content plan can help prospects looking for your services find you on search engines. Blogging provides valuable resources for your clients and prospects, and it showcases you as knowledgeable and experienced.

You can also look for opportunities to collaborate with others in your industry such as builders, realtors, furniture makers, artists, decor boutiques, etc. to provide additional content and to expand your audience reach.

Need help creating blogs for your website? Want to strategize ideas? Contact Core Marketing Now for a small business marketing strategy session or for freelance marketing to create blogs for your site!

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