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10 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

Updated: Mar 1

As a Photographer, you not only help capture precious memories or provide visual imagery for a business, you should also be a resource on how to prepare for a photoshoot, what to wear, when to take photos and how to take better photos. If you are not regularly updating your site with new material (i.e. blog posts), you could be missing out on opportunities to organically drive local search results to your business. Below are 10 blog post ideas for Photographers.

Why should photographers write blog posts?

Blogging is one of the foundational marketing strategies of inbound marketing and one of the best ways for businesses to be found organically online (meaning you are not paying to show up in search results). In conjunction with using proper keywords and your Google Business Profile (read how to Set Up Your Google Profile here, how to Manage your Google Profile here and How to Optimize Your Images for Web Use here), writing blog posts can drive traffic to your website, which will them allow you to convert the prospect to a lead and down the line, into a customer.

Posting to your website blog is also a great way to express yourself, share your knowledge and experience, connect with prospects and that content is available to share on social media.

Where do you start?

Start with posting articles that provide answers or solutions to your prospect's most asked questions or problems. Here are are 10 blog post ideas for photographers to get you started:

1. Tips for preparing for your photo session

As a former photographer, I know how stressed clients get before their photo session. What should I wear? What if my kids don't cooperate? How can I convince my husband this will be fun? What unique services or tips do you offer your clients to prepare for their session?

2. Best Colors to Wear for Your Photo Session

Everyone wants to look their best in their photos. What tips can you give your clients on how to select colors that flatter their coloring?

3. What Do Photographers Do?

The misnomer is that photographers go around capturing photos and having a blast all day. While that may be true on some days, the reality is, only 10% of a photographer's time is actually spent capturing photos. Tell your clients what else you do.

4. Featured Session or Featured Business

This is a way to highlight your skills while also incorporating a story behind the photos. Talk about how you met, what the client wanted to accomplish, how you listed and then show what you delivered. As an added bonus, tag them on social media so their followers can see your work as well. Be careful not to let your blog be overtaken by session features - you want to mix in your "why" and experience into your blog as well.

5. Tips to Improve Your Cellphone Photos

Right. You're not using a cellphone to capture photos (likely) and why would you want to show your clients how to do something you want them to hire you for? Because you have the knowledge, they likely won't be coming to you to capture every event in their daily life and it's part of building your "know, like and trust" factor.

Gold photographer camera , notebook and pen to write blog posts

6. How to Plan Your Portrait Session

Again, the misconception is that you show up at the designated location, on the designated date and time with a camera and all the magic happens because you have a nice camera. If you're a professional photographer, you know there is much more to the process than that. Explain what your clients should tell you and the process to create a plan for your photo session.

7. 5 Tips to Look Better in Photos

Aside from the obvious (hair, make-up and clothing), give your clients a few tips to help them look their best any time they step in front of the camera.

8. How a Photographer Can Help You Grow Your Business

Photos are content and content is king. How does your photography services help your business clients? Be specific. Explain and SHOW what you do differently than others in your field.

9. 10 Reasons Not to Have a Photo Session

As a photographer, you've heard all the excuses - "I need to lose weight", "I take awful photos", "It's expensive", etc. Make the list of excuses you've heard and write your response.

10. How to Organize Your Digital Photos

Most people suffer from digital photo overload and do not have a system in place to protect their photos. Offer them an easy solution.

Remember, having a consistent and relevant content plan can help prospects looking for your services find you on search engines. Blogging provides valuable resources for your clients and prospects, and it showcases you as knowledgeable and experienced.

You can also look for opportunities to collaborate with others in your industry such as hair and make-up artists, stylists, videographers, picture framers, etc. to provide additional content and to expand your audience reach.

Need help creating blogs for your website? Want to strategize ideas? Core Marketing Now has a 12 Photographer Blog Post package for sale in the shop or contact Core Marketing Now for a small business marketing strategy session or for freelance marketing to create custom content for your site!

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