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Catchy Business Cards in 2023 | Marketing Ideas

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Yes, business cards are still relevant in 2023 and you know me - the more unique the better. Let's look at 5 types of catchy business cards for 2023 for your business marketing.

1. The QR Code

The QR code has become my favorite type of business card in the past few years because:

  • You have the option of making it completely digital (save a tree) or printing it on your business card;

  • Your contact info is immediately uploaded into the person's phone that you are sharing your QR code with;

  • You can include so much more information with a QR code than you can on a business card.

Here are a few examples of what you can point the QR code to:

  • Your contact card (vCard).

  • A map to your business location.

  • Social media accounts.

  • Send an email or text message that is activated when scanned by the user.

  • Discounts, special offers, or events.

  • Your portfolio.

  • Appointment calendar.

  • Website shop.

  • Your bio.

How do I make a QR code? There are many free QR code generators online that you can copy and paste your linked content into. It will then generate a QR code that can be saved as an image and printed on your business card. Another option is to create a contact in your phone with your business information and use the built in QR code (or use an app) to share the QR code from your phone.

2. The Shapes

Stand out with a uniquely shaped business card with this marketing idea. From a circle to a catchy pineapple shape, you can play with a variety of shapes for your business cards. Here are some shapes to consider:

  • Geometric shapes such as a circle, square, oval, or rounded corners.

  • Die cut cards can be made into any custom shape. Try using the shape of your logo, mascot, or product type.

  • You can laser cut your cards to create cutouts in an infinite number of shapes.

3. Materials

There are definitely a wide variety of paper types for business cards (matte, silk, glossy, etc.) but I am going to bring you ideas beyond the basic paper card:

  • Acrylic or plastic

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Cork

  • Food (cookies, candy bars, lollipop)

  • Faux leather

  • Scratch off

  • Sandpaper

  • Stickers

  • Magnets

4. 3D

  • Embossed or foiled

  • Origami

  • Print-then-assemble cards

  • Embellishments

  • 3D folding

5. Dual Purpose

Take your business card from informative to functional with a dual purpose business card. These are practical and playful marketing products to help you market your business.

  • Sewing kit

  • USB

  • Bottle opener

  • Cards with plant or tree seeds

  • Bag

  • Puzzle

  • Ruler

Where do you find these catchy business cards? I found these cards (and images) from providers such as Jukebox, PlasticPrinters, Zazzle, UPrinting, Axiom Print and Silkcards.

For more unique marketing ideas, follow my social media accounts, sign up for my quarterly newsletter or keep coming back to explore the blog (new content weekly)!


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