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How I Elevated By Business in 2022

by Marcy Browe, Branding Photographer

This year, I’m celebrating being in business as a branding photographer for 9 years. I’ve spent the past several years building and growing my business, but 2022 was the year that I really got serious about INVESTING in myself and my business. I have been asked to share with you how I elevated my business.

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In 2022 I spent more effort, time and money working on growing and stretching, than I had ever done in the past… and I’m so happy that I invested in support from people who can help me grow.

I’ve got big goals and investing in myself has been a huge part of achieving those goals.

So I want to share with YOU …

Here are the specific ways in which I invested in my business this year:

I hired a team!

I brought on two amazing women to help me behind the scenes in my business.

Laura, my studio manager, helps me stay organized on the back end (invoicing, contracts, client workflows). She helps me retouch photos and she assists me at photoshoots while also keeping me laughing with her quick and effortless sense of humor.

Lizbeth is my assistant who takes care of my social media, email newsletters, blogging and many other tasks that I used to do all by myself.

Having a team in place has allowed me to be more consistent with my marketing and client-facing communications. I’ve been freed up to work on more strategic activities and higher level business roles.


I have been a participant in a mastermind group for several years. I learn so much from other entrepreneurs in a safe and collaborative environment, especially with other female business owners. I took on the role of Ambassador to help with the expansion of the group, but a natural consequence of this role was more visibility for myself and my business. I highly recommend mastermind sessions with like minded business owners and taking on a role within the group to further develop your connections.

Videos & Photos

I put myself in front of the camera. As a photographer, I’m comfortable behind the camera. I’m used to featuring other people’s brilliance and documenting their brand message.

This year, I stepped in front of the camera several times. I filmed multiple videos and had photoshoots with other photographers. Specifically, I invested in Kerri Murphy’s Inspired Living IT Factor 2-day on-camera training workshop PLUS video shoot + photoshoot. I now have a Hollywood-worthy marketing video to put on my website!

Business Coach

I’ve been working with my business coach since 2017. This year I did a VIP Day with her, where we got in a room together armed with a white board and a laptop. I used this time to map out a new package I’m offering to corporate clients. I walked away with clarity and reinvigoration for the direction of my business.

Financial Coach & Bookkeeper

This year, I knew I was ready to hire a team, and I had a lot of questions about how to take this big leap. I hired a team to help me as I was onboarding team members. I worked with a financial coach for a season and after 9 years in business I finally brought on a bookkeeper. This year was the year that I finally STOPPED doing everything myself and brought in the professionals!

Spiritual Coach

I was feeling called to lean deeper into my spiritual side and I loved being a student of my spiritual coach's teaching. I believe when we do the work individually to trust our higher self and love our human self, the ripple effect changes everything in your life, including how you operate as a business owner.

I’m glad I invest in both my business and personal growth - because they’re truly related, if you’re strong and thriving in one area of life, it often impacts all other areas of your life.

Now I would love to hear from you - where do you want to invest in yourself this coming year?

Marcy Browe

Branding Photographer


Connect for Success Mastermind Group

Sara Clark-Williams, Business Coach

Easy Life Management, Business Coach

Donna Bond, Personal Transformation Consultant, “Empower the Authentic You” Masterclass

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