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Make Reels to Drive Engagement

Video consumption makes up 50% of the time most users spend on Facebook and Instagram. So, making reels are a great way for you to reach your audience! How do you make reels to drive engagement with your page? Keep reading...

Showing Reels from Core Marketing Now Instagram page

A reel is a short, entertaining video between 15 and up to 90 seconds in length to help your Facebook and Instagram page get discovered. Reels allow you to expand your reach beyond your page followers to a wider audience.

Here are a couple general reel tips as you get started:

  1. Create your reels optimized for mobile devices.

  2. Tell stories that strengthen your online community and create engagement.

  3. Grab users attention within the first 10 seconds of the reel with a catchy headline, poll, questions, stickers and captions. One of my favorite video marketing coaches to follow on Instagram is Virginia Kerr.

  4. A complete reel is better than a perfect reel. If you have a cellphone, a good strategy and the ability to tell a good story, you can make a good reel.

  5. Use trends (audio and templates).

Steps to Making Your Reel

1. Determine what you want to do for your video, then identify what you are trying to accomplish with your reel:

  • Get engagement

  • Get awareness to grow your audience

2. Outline your Reel:

  • What do you want to say?

  • What type of content would your target audience appreciate hearing?

  • What photos or videos can you use?

  • What video do you need to record?

3. Shoot your content. To capture a reel,

  • Use the "+" icon on the top menu in the app and select Reels.

  • Tap and hold the white button to record your video.

  • Tap Next to watch, view or use the edit clips button to shorten the video.

  • At the top of the screen you will see the options for adding music, text, stickers, drawing and filters.

  • Click Next to write a caption, add the location, share onto another app, edit your cover photo and more.

  • Select Share to post! (You can also save as a draft for later - you will find your drafts in the Reels section of your Instagram page.)

screenshots of Instagram Reels - how to make reels

If you already have video created, use the gallery with the "+" in the lower left corner to upload your content. You will still have the option to edit, add music, text, stickers, drawings and filters.

How to Make Reels that Drive Engagement

It's important that you create content that users will engage with. Creating engaging, interactive and meaningful videos help spark discussions and conversations. Here are a few examples:

  • Create a welcome reel for new visitors using photos and text.

  • Share an announcement.

  • Provide visual learning content, i.e. how to make a recipe, travel tips, parenting advice.

  • Share your mission, values and vision.

  • Create thought provoking reels.

  • Create heart-warming reels.

  • Invite people to join your page with a call to action.

A few other things to consider:

  • As mentioned above, make sure your reels are created for mobile device viewing. This means 9:16, portrait orientation.

  • If you are using content created for other platforms, it is recommended you upload the video into Instagram or Facebook and use the music, video effects and tools inside Instagram. Do not uploading a video from another app with watermarks.

  • Do, say or place something in the first few seconds of your video to stop the viewer from scrolling.

  • Use the captions feature. Reels should be made to be viewable without the sound on, but make sure the audio enhances the viewers experience.

  • Place a Call to Action int he reel to direct viewers on where to find more info or ask them to engage with your post.

  • Create custom thumbnails for your reels.

  • Make sure you don't "set it and forget it." Make sure you respond to user comments (while you still have the time)!

Measure and Optimize Reel Performance

Your business goals are unique to you so you will need to look at the indicators for what is effective content based on those goals. You want to measure what content is resonating with your audience. To do this you will look at:

Reach: How many users saw your Reel? Are you reaching a relevant audience? Here are the metrics to measure:

  • Video views: number of times your video is viewed. This includes partial views.

  • Video plays: how many times your Reel starts to play. It does not include replays.

  • How to increase reach: use general hashtags related to your industry and content specific hashtags to reach your target audience; and use trending audio.

Engagement: how did your content resonate with your audience? Did users take action (like, comment, or share)? How many and what kind of actions?

  • Reactions: how many people engaged with your content?

  • Comments: tells you what your audience thinks about your content.

Low reach but high engagement means the audience is small but highly engaged.

How to Optimize Your Videos

Once you have enough insights to determine past video reach and engagement, start thinking about new video ideas (or updating old content). Use these factors in your decision making:

  1. What goals were you trying to accomplish?

  2. What worked to drive engagement in the past?

  3. What worked to increase reach?

  4. How can the quality of the video be improved?

  5. Were your successful videos funny, educational or was there a clear call to action?

You can also ask users to provide feedback on your content by using a poll, posting a question or asking them to reply in the comments.

Learning what has worked in the past and why will help you get a better sense of how to connect users with your content. Keep trying new things, measure and determine what can be improved so you can achieve your goals.

For more assistance with marketing your business using social media, contact Core Marketing Now!

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