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Networking Personality Types

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Most business owners use networking as part of their business marketing plan because you have the opportunity to meet many different business owners. But not all networkers are created equal. Which one(s) of these networking personality types are you?

Len Lurker

Len attends the networking event because he knows he should, but he is either so out of his comfort zone having to walk up to strangers and introduce himself, or he has been a member so long that he doesn’t feel the need to approach anyone. He firmly plants his feet on the periphery of the room and has laser vision for his plate of hot wings and bottle of beer.

Negative Nora

She sure knows how to suck the life out of a conversation! I’m not talking about the business owner who is going through a rough patch - Nora likely isn’t aware that she has a general disposition toward responding negatively and her self-deprecating jokes fall flat. No, thank you, Nora.

Desperate Dan

You meet Dan and after he asks what you do, he starts talking too much about his products or services, assuming you’re a good prospect for what he’s selling. Sometimes he’ll even tell you how discouraged he is with how his business is (or rather isn’t) going. While you appreciate his honesty, Dan really needs to step back to evaluate the factors affecting his business and stop trying to sell his product onto every person he meets.

Suzy Saleswoman

You get a handshake and a question right off the bat with Suzy. Next thing you know she’s entering your info into her iPad and asking what date she can schedule a consultation. You’ll feel like you need to go wash your hands after hearing her slick speech.

Drunk Dan

Dan usually goes a little too frat house rather than business mixer. You think most people in business enjoy the socializing aspect of networking but surprisingly, while many business owners love their craft, they don’t all love personal interactions. Having a drink is intended to take the edge off, but more than one drink should be off the table at a professional event. Especially for Dan.

Chrissy Clinger

Bless her heart, Chrissy is so shy and uncomfortable she clings onto the first person she meets and follows them around all evening. Get out the fabric softener, you’ve got a stage 5 clinger.

Edward Ego

Edward is the best, just ask him. He’ll tell you how many sales he’s made, how much he makes, how many awards he’s received, all the details of his recent 5 star vacation and how many cars and homes he owns. Poor Edward, he doesn’t realize he’s not cut out for networking since he already knows the best guy in the room.

Gabby the Gossip

Girl, spill the tea. When you want to know if CPA Carol is coming to the event or why Personal Trainer Jim didn’t renew his membership, you know Gabby has the deets. While it’s good to be in the know, be careful of Gabby lest you become the subject of her loose-lipped gossip.

Jovial Joe

Wow, somebody who really loves what he does and is there to find out how he can help those he meets. Refreshing and rare, we all love a generous cup of joe.

Poker Paul

Paul hands out multiple business cards to each person like he’s dealing a hand in poker. And like a poker dealer clearing his hands, Paul is always looking for opportunities to walk away in favor of the next best person to talk at.

Intentional Ingrid

Before the networking event, Ingrid scans the RSVP list and makes mental note of who she would like to connect with. Some will be new members so she can meet them and learn how to help them, some will be good potential referral partners and some will be people she has formed connections with that she would like to spend a few minutes catching up with. Way to go, Ingrid!

If you have formed any of the bad networking personality types listed above, it’s time to do a 180 and get back to forming positive business relationships with other business owners. It’s how you make referral connections, trade ideas and get support from other business owners. Read how to Network With Intention.

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