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Set Up and Secure Your Facebook Business Page

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

When it comes to small business marketing, a Facebook business page helps make it easier for others to find your business, showcases what you do and offers a place for people to connect with your business. This post will cover how to set up and secure your Facebook business page in a few easy steps but will also give you marketing ideas on the content you should include.

How to + tips to set up your business page:

1. Go to the Pages link found by selecting your profile photo in the upper

right of the mobile app, or the 9 dot menu in the upper right on your PC.

Click on the "+ Create" button to start a new page,

2. Select the category that best describes your business. You have the option

of selecting more than one if needed.

3. Name your page. It is recommended you use your business name so

customers can find you easily. If your business name is taken, you may

use modifications of your business name.

4. Add your location. By adding an address, people can find you when

searching a specific area. If you don't have a physical address, you can just

add your city and state.

5. Add your profile photo and cover image.

  • Profile photo:

    • Use your logo, your storefront, a headshot, a mascot or something else recognizable to your brand.

    • Remember this is cropped as a circle, so you want to make sure and important text or font is cropped out.

    • For logos and text, PNG files are recommended.

    • Size recommendation is 400x400 pixels.

  • Cover photo:

    • Use a 16:9 aspect ratio.

    • Loads fastest as a JPG at 851 px wide, 315 px tall and less than 100 KB in size. You can go up to 1200 px x 674 px.

    • 75% of your profile photo overlaps onto the cover photo in the lower left side.

    • Use product photos, action shots, recommendations, a visual story of your business, your location, make a collage of your products or what your service does for others, give a summary of what you do, or make a fun infographic.

6. Go to your About page and make sure you complete your contact

information, business hours, web address and About section.

7. Add a Call to Action button to your page: Call Us, Sign Up, Book Now, Buy Now, Start Order, etc.

8. Create your first post - make it fun! You can do an introduction of your

business, yourself and what inspired you to start a business.

9. Invite your friends to like and follow your page.

How to secure your Facebook business page:

2022 has seen a record number of hackers taking control of small business accounts on Facebook. The hackers target your personal page by resetting the password, then they take control of your business page and have been reported to place false ads, attempt to get your credit card information and post misinformation on your page. Unfortunately, this typically results in both your personal and business page getting permanently disabled and in most cases, you cannot regain control of your account.

Here are three additional steps to take when setting up your Facebook business page:

1. Set up two-factor authentication.

  • Go to your round personal profile icon in the upper right corner > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Security and login > scroll down to Two-factor authentication and turn on. It is recommended you use text as your secondary authorization rather than email.

  • Go to > Settings (bottom left navigation panel) > Business Settings > Security Center > Two Factor Authentication.

  • On this page you can also turn on alerts for unrecognized logins in the Setting up extra security section.

2. Assign an Admin to your account.

  • If you are hacked, the backup admin you assign may still be able to access the account (and possibly disable the hacker's access).

  • If you are a sole proprietor, use a spouse, trusted friend or family member. You can also use your business partner or co-worker. It does not have to be someone who will be using your account, it will be a way to access your account if you get hacked. It must be someone who has a Facebook account.

  • Go to > Settings (bottom left navigation panel) > Business Settings > Security Center > use the Add button (inside the Add Another Admin box) > enter their email address, check the Admin Access button and click Next > assign tasks and click Invite.

3. If you input your credit card, PayPal or bank account information (for ads

or if you take payments for a shop), you may want to turn off auto-

payments and make sure access those accounts also require two-factor

authentication. And, if you are hacked, you will want to disable that

connection completely so hackers cannot make charges on your account.

Now that your page is set up properly and securely, make sure you identify the goals you have for your page:

  • Are you looking to build awareness of your business?

  • Using it as a form of customer service?

  • Looking to maintain a consistent brand across social media?

  • Directing traffic to your online shop or your physical location?

Provide consistent content in alignment with your goals, engage your audience and offer solutions to your clients problems.

You should also make a schedule to periodically update your:

  • Password (suggested 12 characters with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols)

  • Cover image

  • Review your About information

Follow these best practices for setting up, securing and updating your Facebook business page. While this is not a guaranteed protection, you can rest easier knowing you set up and secured your page to the best of your ability!

UPDATE 1/31/2023: You may be able to submit a consumer complaint against Facebook for the potential damages to your business reputation the hackers have caused to your state's Attorney General. (In California, you can complete this online form.) While the state can't intercede on your behalf, they will forward your complaint to Facebook, which may get your account reinstated. If you have had success with reinstating your account, please share in the comments below.


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