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What to Post on Facebook

You have a Facebook Business Page to connect with your customers and hopefully attract new business. You're posting content but do you feel confident that WHAT you are posting on Facebook is reaching your target audience? Here is how you can create a marketing and content strategy around your ideal potential customer.

Facebook page on cellphone and laptop what to post of Facebook

Identify Your Target Client

Knowing who you want to do business with, or identifying certain characteristics of people who purchase your products or services is the first step in determining what to post on Facebook. Ask yourself:

  • What age range do customers fall in?

  • Where do they live?

  • What types of jobs or job responsibilities do they have? (More relevant for B2B businesses.)

  • What problem do they have with [your industry/product]?

  • How are your products/services the solution to their problem?

  • How and when do they use Facebook? (At work, at home, scrolling before bed?)

If you already have followers on your Facebook Page, you can check out Audience Insights inside your Meta Business Suite to see the demographics of your existing audience.

Facebook Meta Insights screenshot to identify what to post of Facebook

Inside the Meta Insights area, you can also find out more information about your followers, such as:

  • Education attainment

  • Relationship status

  • Location

  • Interests and hobbies

  • Languages spoken

  • Facebook usage statistics

  • Past purchase activity

Does the data you have collected on your customer base align with the customers you want to attract? If so, keep going, you're doing great!

If not, you can adjust your content strategy, watch your Insights to see what is working to attract the audience you want and plan more of that into your content strategy.

Another option is to poll your audience. Ask them what content they want to see on Facebook. You can do this in a Story or a post.

Ask yourself "Why do I want followers on Facebook?" What do you want your followers to do? For many companies, they want the users to buy their product or service. But you may have another goal for your Facebook page which may include:

  • Building brand awareness

  • Improving customer service

  • Maintaining a consistent brand image across social media

  • Directing traffic to your physical location

Your Facebook marketing goals will depend on your overall marketing strategy. Remember, a successful business will have clearly defined goals and a marketing strategy that provides the roadmap to reach those goals. If you have identified a way social media can help you attain your business goals, you will have a separate social media plan targeted toward reaching your end goal.

[View the Social Media Planner in the shop to help you create your social media strategy.]

What to post on Facebook

In general, 80% of your content should inform, entertain, and educate your audience. The remaining 20% of your content can be promotional. How you accomplish that and what resonates with your audience will be dependent on the insights you get from your audience.

Is there a day and time that get higher engagement? Is there a topic users respond to more? Do photos, video or text get the highest engagement? Look to see what works best for your audience and do more of that!

You can also engage your audience by asking:

  • What’s your favorite _______ (season, holiday, vacation spot, movie, etc.)?

  • Which product is your favorite? ______ or _______?

  • When you were a child, what was your dream career?

  • Which colors do you prefer on ______ product?

  • How has ______ product improved your daily life?

  • Ask for recommendations.

  • Answer a frequently asked question.

  • Share relevant information from other accounts.

Remember, social media is meant to be.... social. Don't post and walk away from the platform. Make sure you:

  • Respond to comments;

  • Engage with your followers on their posts;

  • Invite followers to events using the Events feature;

  • Create auto-responders in Messenger;

  • Show a different side on Stories; or

  • Go live!

Making sure you have clarity on your target audience, your business goals and how social media can help you attain those goals will be the first step into guiding you in what to post on Facebook.

If you need assistance with your marketing plan, contact Core Marketing Now to schedule a complimentary meeting to determine your needs.

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