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10 Blog Post Ideas for Accountants

Many accountants have a static website, meaning the pages have been created with content but it's not regularly updated with new material. You could be missing out on opportunities to organically drive local search results to your business! Below are 10 blog post ideas for Accountants to help you get started.

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Why should Accountants write blog posts?

Blogging is one of the foundational marketing strategies of inbound marketing and one of the best ways for businesses to be found organically online (meaning you are not paying to show up in search results). In conjunction with using proper keywords and your Google Business Profile (read how to Set Up Your Google Profile here, how to Manage your Google Profile here and How to Optimize Your Images for Web Use here), writing blog posts can drive traffic to your website, which will then allow you to convert the prospect to a lead and down the line, into a customer.

Posting to your website blog is also a great way to express yourself, share your knowledge and experience, connect with prospects and that content is available to share on social media.

Where do you start?

Start with posting articles that provide answers or solutions to your prospect's most asked questions or problems. Here are are 10 blog post ideas for Accountants to get you started:

1. Tax Saving Strategies for Self-Employed

Everybody loves saving money but not everyone can sit and read tax code. Identify the short-term and long-term strategies self-employed individuals can use to save money. You can even create a branded, downloadable PDF to include on your blog post or create a free offer to capture email addresses.

2. Creating a Budget for Your Business

5 million businesses were started in 2022. Not all new business owners will understand just how much is required to invest in the business as well as have practical goals when they first start out. Outline how to create a budget for a small business as well as explain any services you offer to assist small businesses.

3. The Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services

For some accountants, taking control of certain individual or business accounting will save a lot of time and expense for the client down the road, especially those who will admit they are unorganized. Outline the key benefits of outsourcing, what services you offer, highlight any services not typically offered by other accountants and discuss how this helps take your client from overwhelmed and frustrated, to a calm and peaceful state.

4. Choosing the Right Accounting Software

There are many different types of software on the market and not all will meet a client's needs. Discuss how to choose the right software, what to look for and your recommendations, especially if there are systems that integrate with your services and will save the client during tax reporting or payroll.

5. The Basics of Business Taxes

There's income tax, sales tax, self-employment tax, excise tax.... there's a lot to know (and pay)! Give a high level overview of the types of taxes, what your clients need to know, what services you offer to support them and any suggestions for them.

6. How to Streamline Your Accounting Processes

Hopefully your clients have already read your accounting software post and are now ready to streamline the accounting process. Is there a recommended procedure or filing system you can recommend? Is there a way to automate the process? What services do you offer to assist clients and make it easier for them?

7. Common Accounting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Being unorganized, procrastination, missing deadlines, failing to separate personal and business funds - all common problems with accounting. Give your top 5 - 10 mistakes and your suggestions on how to avoid them. Step 1 is likely to hire you!

8. How to Select the Right Accountant for Your Business

Provide questions on what to ask when interviewing Accountants for your business. What should the Accountant be asking you? Are there different licenses, certifications or specialties? Where would someone start to look for an accountant?

9. Unusual Business Expense Deductions

This post can be both educational and fun. There may be a list of common expenses most business owners are not aware are deductible in your state. There may also be some strange laws - for example, in Texas, cowboy boots are exempt from the sales tax, but hiking boots are not. In Ohio, a corpse in a mortuary can have makeup applied without getting taxed, but a living person is taxed for makeup applied in a beauty salon. End the post with a strong call to action such as "Contact me to find out if your wardrobe can be deducted as a business expense."

10. What Can Your Accountant Do for Your Business

In addition to standard tax filings, many accountants offer payroll, asset management, advice on how to increase cash flow, identifying eligible tax deductions, generating reports and more. Outline the services you offer, how you can alleviate challenges for your clients and what their lives will look like when they don't have to stress over those activities and have strategies in place to make more profit!

Remember, having a consistent and relevant content plan can help prospects looking for your services find you on search engines. Blogging provides valuable resources for your clients and prospects, and it showcases you as knowledgeable and experienced.

You can also look for opportunities to collaborate with others in your industry such as bankers, insurance agents, estate planning attorneys, coaches, financial advisors, human resources etc. to provide additional content and to expand your audience reach.

Need help creating blogs for your website? Want to strategize ideas? Contact Core Marketing Now for a small business marketing strategy session or for freelance marketing to create blogs for your site!

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