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10 Blog Post Ideas for Dentists

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Many dentists have a static website, meaning the pages have been created with a generous amount of content but it's not regularly updated with new material. Otherwise, you could be missing out on opportunities to organically drive local search results to your business. Below are 10 blog post ideas for Dentists.

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Why should Dentists write blog posts?

Blogging is one of the foundational marketing strategies of inbound marketing and one of the best ways for businesses to be found organically online (meaning you are not paying to show up in search results). In conjunction with using proper keywords and your Google Business Profile (read how to Set Up Your Google Profile here, how to Manage your Google Profile here and How to Optimize Your Images for Web Use here), writing blog posts can drive traffic to your website, which will then allow you to convert the prospect to a lead and down the line, into a customer.

Posting to your website blog is also a great way to express yourself, share your knowledge and experience, connect with prospects and that content is available to share on social media.

Where do you start?

Start with posting articles that provide answers or solutions to your prospect's most asked questions or problems as well as the continued technological advancements in dentistry. Here are are 10 blog post ideas for Dentists to get you started:

1. Latest Technologies in Dentistry

Technology is changing quickly and within the world of dentistry small changes can make a big impact on assisting your patients with minimizing pain, reducing risks and greater precision to improve the customer experience. Highlight the technology you use in your practice and how it benefits the customer.

2. The Pros and Cons of Different Teeth Whitening Options

Everybody would love a pearly white smile and there are many options for your patients. From at-home treatments to in-office procedures, outline their options, effectiveness, cost differences and any other important information a patient should consider.

3. What to Do When You Have a Toothache

It seems it never fails that a patient experiences a toothache just after closing hours before a holiday weekend! Provide guidance on potential causes, symptoms the patient may be experiencing, home treatments to alleviate pain and when to consider it an emergency.

4. Featured Results (Before and After)

Showcase your work by offering before and after photos of work you have completed for your clients. Not only does this highlight your work, but it also gives people an idea of results they can expect. Talk about the highlights of the procedure, how you do things differently than your competition and how the finished project solved a client's problem.

5. Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene at Home

"I love the sound of the dental instruments scraping the tartar off my teeth" said no patient ever. Provide best practices for maintaining excellent hygiene for both teeth and gums at home.

6. The Most Common Causes of Cavities

As a non-dentist, I would guess sugary foods in hard to reach places are the guilty culprit for cavity causers. Tell your clients what to limit and best practices on how to reduce the risk of a cavity.

7. Dental Implants Explained

There are different reasons a patient may need a dental implant, different types of implants and varying costs. Write a post with a high level overview of dental implants, why they should or shouldn't be used and any other risk factors that should be talked over with the patient's dentist and/or oral surgeon.

8. How to Select the Right Dentist

Provide tips on how to vet dentists (what questions clients should ask) and how to find the best value. Explain what you do differently than the competition and what types of dentistry you specialize in.

9. The Most Common Dental Procedures and What to Expect

Seems fairly basic, but this post is a way to highlight the services your office performs and what sets you apart from the competition. For example, some dentists do in-office crowns while you wait while others send out the crowns which requires 2 appointments; some dentists will perform root canals while others refer to an endodontist (discuss pros and cons); and you can discuss some lesser considered problems such as oral cancer and gum disease.

10. Strategies to Cope with Dental Anxiety

Some dental offices cater to clients with dental phobia, but most practices will encounter patients who are uneasy about their procedures. Discuss common reasons patients fear the dentist, what your office offers anxious patients why they shouldn't avoid their dental visits.

Remember, having a consistent and relevant content plan can help prospects looking for your services find you on search engines. Blogging provides valuable resources for your clients and prospects, and it showcases you as knowledgeable and experienced. You can also look for opportunities to collaborate with others in your industry such as orthodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, cosmetic dentists, pediatric dentists, etc. to provide additional content and to expand your audience reach. Need help creating blogs for your website? Want to strategize ideas? Contact Core Marketing Now for a small business marketing strategy session or for freelance marketing to create blogs for your site!

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