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How AI Can Help Your Small Business

In the world of artificial intelligence, there has been a bit of controversy over the use of AI both personally and professionally. For example, the use of chatbots vs. humans, unverified information and lack of invention of new ideas. But, if you want to dip your toe into the AI waters, here are a few simple ways AI can help your small business.

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How Can AI Help My Small Business?

Think of AI as your personal sounding board. You can ask it to generate ideas for what to post on social media, what blog posts to write based on search trends and what problems your clients are looking to solve. You can also use AI to outline those blog posts, or take your existing blog posts and ask AI to condense it into a shareable paragraph for social media.

For example, if you type "Give 10 blog post ideas for my dog training business," it will respond with:

Here are some blog post ideas for your dog training business:

  • How to Teach Your Dog Basic Commands and Manners

  • The Benefits of Positive Reinforcement Training for Your Dog

  • The Best Dog Breeds for Your Lifestyle and Personality

  • How to Deal with Common Dog Behavior Problems and Challenges

  • The Top 10 Dog Training Tips and Tricks from Professional Dog Trainers

  • How to Choose the Right Dog Training Equipment and Accessories

  • How to Socialize Your Dog with Other Dogs and People

  • The Most Fun and Effective Dog Training Games and Activities

  • How to Train Your Dog for Specific Skills or Tasks

  • How to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy with Proper Nutrition and Exercise

Beyond the ability to be an idea generator, AI can be used to automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, answering basic customer questions via a chatbots, analyze trends, optimize campaigns, identify new products or services, generate graphics or animations, content generation and more.

Where to find AI?

There are a number of AI tools on the market for you to use. You may already have access or subscribe to services that offer AI services so you may want to start with what you already own and subscribe to.


Microsoft has partnered with Open AI, the creators of ChatGPT to add AI to their products and services. As of today, you can use Microsoft Edge with their free search engine Bing with integrated AI. and YouChat are also available for free use.


Probably one of the most well-known chatbot is ChatGPT. You will also find AI in Google Bard, Jasper, and ChatSpot.

Other apps are integrating AI into their interface such as Canva offering Magic Write and their AI Photo Editor.

What Else Can AI Do?

  • You can find image modification AI in apps such as Facetune, Face App, Lensa and more.

  • Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri offer virtual assistance.

  • You can also find AI services for maps, transcriptions, finance, health and wellness and learning or translating into another language.

So, the next time you get overwhelmed or unsure of what marketing steps to take next in your business, have a friendly chat with an AI bot and see what the two of you can come up with!

Still don't have time to complete the tasks? Contact Core Marketing Now for help!

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